Water international

Internationale waterprojecten

The Water International sector includes organisations and activities aimed at international cooperation outside western Europe, with a focus on both export and social objectives (tied to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals).

The organisations in this sector are mainly water pipeline companies, water authorities, knowledge institutes, businesses and NGOs (non-governmental organisations). These organisations focus on, among other things, international cooperation, private-public partnerships, demonstration and pilot projects, research, capacity development and technical assistance.

Themes of the Water International sector

Policy makers mainly stimulate cooperative projects, sometimes for multidisciplinary purposes, sometimes for private-public cooperative alliances. The sustainability of activities according to the five criteria (financial, institutional, ecological, technical and social) is the main focus.

Stimulating private investments in developing countries is becoming more important, because the investments can no longer be financed by international financial organisations alone.

Relevant grant programmes

Examples of international water related projects

  • Reduced flood probability and impact in Alexandria, Egypt
  • Safe drinking water in Bangladesh: an integrated framework assessing acceptability, social-technological feasibility and sustainability of hand-pump subsurface arsenic removal in diverse settings of rural Bangladesh (NWO / WOTRO)
  • DELTAP: an integrative approach for smart small-scale piped water supply in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Delta (Urbanising Deltas of the World Programme)
  • Sustainable freshwater supply in urbanizing Maputo, Mozambique (Urbanising Deltas of the World Programme)
  • Capacity building in Drinking Water Supply in Suriname (10th European Development Fund ACP- EU Water Facility)
  • Capacity Building in Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management in Mozambique Northern Region (10th European Development Fund ACP- EU Water Facility)
  • Partnership for capacity building in sustainable infrastructure development and water resources protection in Oromia region, Ethiopia (10th European Development Fund ACP- EU Water Facility)
  • Source to Tap and Back, Ethiopia (Fonds Duurzaam Water)
  • Mozambique, Sustainable Water Services Beira (Fonds Duurzaam Water)
  • Kenya, Performance Enhancement of Water utilities in Kenya through benchmarking, collective learning and innovative financing (Fonds Duurzaam Water)
  • Filippijnen, Sustainable and resilient pro-poor water supply, Cebu (Fonds Duurzaam Water)
  • Duurzame watervoorziening in Harar, Ethiopië (Fonds Duurzaam Water)
  • Towards Pro-Poor Private Investments in water supply in Kota Bandung, Indonesia (Fonds Duurzaam Water)
  • Sustainable solutions against groundwater salinization in Coastal Areas (USAID).


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