Wastewater treatment


The wastewater sector consists of organisations responsible for the water chain, such as the water authorities, knowledge brokers such as STOWA and RIONED, governments such as municipalities, knowledge institutes and suppliers of technology. The central themes of this sector are the management of (surface) water and water purification in relation to sustainability goals.

Themes of the wastewater treatment sector

The water chain is in a state of flux. It is expected to look entirely different in 30 years or so, as a result of social requirements pertaining to:

  • Water quality (including organic microcontamination)

  • Sustainability (including reuse of resources and energy management)

  • Public health

  • (innovative) Developments

To support this transition, the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) and the Water Authorities Union have cooperated with many partners from the water sector to develop a roadmap. The key elements of this roadmap are:

  • Far-reaching and efficient purification to safeguard public health and water quality. The legal requirements have not changed; the way in which these are met has.

  • Recovery is essential. Water authorities and municipal governments strive to recover resources and energy and to replace the use of fossil fuels for chemical processes, transport, heat and electricity with biomass.

  • Strategic cooperation: water authorities cooperate strategically with a number of other parties. This can be done on a permanent or temporary basis and includes cooperative alliances with e.g. specialised maintenance companies, suppliers of wastewater technology, energy companies, housing corporations and waste management businesses. With the help of these partners, water authorities develop new products, services and technologies together with clients, businesses, research institutes and governments.

Relevant subsidy programmes

Examples of projects in the wastewater treatment sector

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