Maritime Technology

Maritieme technologie

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The maritime sector has many different players: shipowners, shipyards, suppliers (including many SMEs), ports, engineering agencies, knowledge institutes, governments, international organisations and environmental groups. It is by definition an international field with its own, specific dynamic. Not only shipping, but also the potential of the oceans as a natural resource and a source of nutrients are important factors to consider.

However, maritime activities rarely stand alone. The connection with the hinterland, by water or by land, is of great importance to make projects successful. If the Netherlands are to remain at the forefront of the maritime field, innovation is of vital importance. Only then can we continue to provide high-quality products and services with high added value.

Membership of the Netherlands Maritime Technology Association.

Evers + Manders Grant Consultants is a member of the Netherlands Maritime Technology Association. Our acquired excellent reputation in the maritime sector, by delivering quality to our clients, has made this membership possible. We are not very good at patting ourselves on the back, but we are very proud of this.

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Themes of the Maritime Technology Sector

The most important developments in the maritime technology sector are:


Reducing ecological impacts, including:

  • Energy conservation
  • Alternative fuel sources, e.g., LNG, hybrid systems
  • The dispersal of invasive species by ballast water and bio-fouling
  • Environmental pollution
  • Activities in the Arctic
  • The plastic pollution of the oceans

Reinforcing logistical chains, multimodality, or connections to:

  • Inland shipping
  • Railways
  • Road transport.

The utilisation of the sea for:

  • Aquaculture
  • Extracting natural resources
  • Extracting energy, both sustainable and fossil
  • Increasing biodiversity

Relevant grant programmes

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