Drinking water production


The drinking water sector consists of water supply companies, technology companies, water laboratories, engineering agencies, universities and research institutes. The water supply companies produce drinking water. The technology companies provide knowledge and technology, e.g. pertaining to water treatment, pipeline construction, laboratory analysis, measurements, sensors and inspections. Engineering agencies conduct studies into specialist subjects, offer advice and design large-scale projects. The universities and research institutes conduct research into a variety of themes.

Themes of the drinking water sector

The key developments in this sector include:

  • Development of far-reaching water treatment techniques

  • Process optimisation through integral modelling and control of water production and distribution

  • Reuse of residues

  • Replacing water networks

  • Early-warning systems for water intake

  • Innovative laboratory techniques for the detection of emerging substances

  • Innovative inspection techniques and decision-support systems for water networks

  • Protection of water catchments.

Relevant grantprogrammes

Examples of projects in the drinking water sector

Grant: SmartWater4Europe
Grant: Ceramac
Grant: DOC2C’s
Grant: Sustainable use of methane



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