Delta Technology

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Delta technology focuses on matters of safety and landscape surrounding rivers, cities, deltas, and along coastlines. The sector includes the waterway construction, water management, and water and nature segments.

The key parties in this sector are governmental bodies (both national and regional), universities, research institutes such as Deltares, KNMI, and TNO, engineering agencies, contractors/dredgers and technology companies, platform organisations such as STOWA, and RIONED, and the Centre of Underground Construction (COB).

Themes of the Delta Technology Sector

The key themes within the delta technology sector are:

  • Climate change
  • Building with nature/eco-engineering
  • Desiccation/salinisation
  • Sustainable deltas
  • Urban water management
  • Accessibility
  • Integration of functions
  • Smart systems
  • Installation and maintenance of offshore wind energy

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