Sustainable and innovative regional development

Urbanisatie - duurzame en innovatieve regionale ontwikkeling

Municipalities and provinces and their partners, such as housing corporations and agricultural entrepreneurs, face complex challenges. They have to develop different functions in the public space, but at the same time they have to keep them in balance.

This challenge is reinforced by a number of factors: the expected consequences of climate change, the desire to make society more sustainable, the need for action for the energy transition and changes in the demographic composition of the population. An example of such a factor is the future trend of gas-free neighbourhoods.

Grants can help to anchor innovation and sustainability even better in spatial development plans.

We specialize in grants for regional development

Specialization because at Evers + Manders we work with a sector-oriented approach.

Particularly in the field of regional development, knowledge of the field is indispensable, in addition to specific knowledge of subsidy schemes. We are aware of the most important developments in your sector, we understand the problems you face and we know the subsidy schemes that are relevant to you. We have this knowledge in-house. Added value that is essential for you in order to increase the success rate of your grant application.

Our knowledge of your sector has led to many successful grant applications in recent years. May we also support you in your grant application?

Relevant grant schemes

Because regional development projects are often large, a great deal of attention is paid to European grants. But regional regulations and regulations for Regional Cooperation (Interreg) also offer opportunities. Below you will find relevant grant schemes.

Urban Innovative Actions
Horizon 2020
OP Noord, OP Zuid, OP Oost, Kansen voor West
EIB / Elena
Schemes for houses and neighbourhoods without a natural gas connection
Many grants for the energy transition

Project examples

EU LIFE Urban Roofs

EU UIA Bridge

EU LIFE Urban Adapt

EU Life Local Water Adapt




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