Medical technology and innovation

We are specialized in grants for medical technology and innovation

Evers + Manders Grant Consultants represent specialization and, as a consequence, added value. Added value that is of crucial importance for the success rate of your grant proposal. Particularly for medical science, specific knowledge of funding regulations as well as knowledge about the customer and their discipline is indispensable. We offer you this knowledge and expertise! 

Cardiology, regenerative medicine, psychiatry, neuroscience, and medical imaging are our focus

We offer a wide range of expertise in Medical Techology and Innovation. Within this field, cardiology, regenerative medicine, psychiatry, neuroscience, and medical imaging are our focus points. Specialization brings added value for you. This helps us to gain more experience with specific technologies and innovations and their related grant regulations to be even more successful. This way, we can increase your chances of success even further.

Where medical science and technology meet, we bring the knowledge and experience to support your R&D-activities with fitting grants.

Relevant grant schemes



3rd EU Health programme

NWO and ZonMW

Dutch and regional grants

Health fund programmes in the Netherlands

  • Nederlandse Hartstichting
  • Nierstichting
  • KWF kankerbestrijding
  • Fonds Nuts Ohra

Project examples medical technology and innovation

We have a strong representation with (international) universities and academic medical hospitals, where we have successfully supervised many project proposals in the areas of cardiology, nephrology, neurology, medical technology, radio therapy, psychiatry, and imaging.

And also the following projects, amongst others:






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