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The medical world is constantly changing: new drugs, therapies and technologies are being discovered, tested and developed at a rapid pace. Innovative research and development in this sector takes place at the molecular to population level and involves complex biological processes and interactions with various factors, which can also vary significantly from one patient to another.

At the same time, technological applications are becoming smaller, safer and more user-friendly. The focus within medical science has therefore recently been on interdisciplinary collaborations with the aim of making new and existing developments safe, effective and applicable for not only diagnosis and treatment, but also prevention of diseases.

Themes in Medical Technology and Innovation

In the context of current developments, a number of major themes within medical technology and innovation can be outlined:

  • digitizing and personalizing the care process
  • obtaining, processing and analyzing large amounts of data
  • developing, testing and applying new technologies to improve and facilitate the care process
  • more focus on prevention and improving lifestyles to prevent disease

In addition to knowledge and expertise within these themes at the interface of medical science and technology, the Evers + Manders team also has specific knowledge and expertise within cardiology, regenerative medicine, psychiatry, neuroscience and medical imaging. This specialisation, combined with knowledge of a large number of grant programmes, provides added value for you, because it enables us to increase the success rate of your project.

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