ICT Techniques and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence bij E+M

The Netherlands is one of the world’s top competing digital economies. This translates into the fact that both the Dutch business community and society are fully digital.

Consequently, both IT and the associated artificial intelligence (AI) play an important role in the development of innovative products and services. This means that IT and AI developments are prominent on the agenda of every top sector that makes use of advanced ICT opportunities.

Policy makers stimulate collaborative projects at the regional, national, and international level. These can be focused on multidisciplinary projects, or entail private-public collaborations. In addition, research and development work is also stimulated.

Themes within ICT Techniques and Artificial Intelligence

The most important developments are:

  • Advanced monitoring and control techniques
  • Machine learning – an increasing focus on the use of deep learning techniques
  • Data science – translating data into knowledge
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – technology in which devices are connected to the Internet, making processes more efficient
  • Cyber security – the security of IT systems
  • Blockchain technology – most applications focus on transactions, supply chain operations or agreements

Relevant Funding Schemes

  • EIA for companies that invest in energy-saving equipment.
  • WBSO, Innovation Credit, and the Innovation Box for research and development.
  • MIT for innovative SMEs in top sectors.
  • Eurostars supports international innovation projects led by innovative and R&D-driven SMEs.
  • Horizon Europe grant programme for research, development and innovation at a European level.
  • NWO schemes for scientific research and research partnerships between universities and companies.


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