Areas of expertise

Experts binnen de werkgebieden

Although with a broad range of expertise, Evers + Manders Grant Consultants focusses, based on market needs, a tailored approach to the field of grant consultancy within specific areas. We focus on five sectors. Your personal consultant specialises in the sector in which you are active, and is well-aware of the most recent developments and challenges in your sector.

Water- and Delta Technology

Water and delta technology represents our largest area of expertise—understandable, for a company based in a country with such an intimate relationship with water and the sea. Within this sector, we distinguish between wastewater treatment, water and nature management, delta technology, maritime technology, and international water projects.

Medical Technology and Innovation

Health care is facing major challenges. There is a large demand for more knowledge and new technology in order to resolve medical issues. Where medical science and technology meet, Evers + Manders has the knowledge and experience to support your R&D activities with relevant grant application.

Energy and Circular Economy

The energy sector is constantly looking for new opportunities to meet the world’s energy demands in a sustainable way. This can be done by using existing energy sources in a different way, or by searching for alternative energy sources.

There exist major challenges in the field of circular economy. The quantity of raw materials is finite. A myriad innovation efforts aim to enable the high-quality reuse of materials and substances.

Sustainable Urban and Regional Development

Municipalities, provinces, and their partners face complex challenges in regional development. They have to develop different functions in the public space, whilst simultaneously maintaining the balance between them.

This challenge is further complicated by factors such as climate change, sustainability, energy transition, and a changing demographic composition.

Grants can help to embed innovation and sustainability even better in spatial development plans.

Innovation and Technology

Innovation and technology are sources of progress. The choice to engage in a grant consultancy trajectory may arise from the publication of a new grant programme, but also from the desire for research or innovation. We carry out projects in a myriad of technical areas. 

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