Areas of expertise

Experts binnen de werkgebieden

The grant consultants at Evers + Manders are well equipped to support organisations in divers fields of expertise. Based on the needs of the market as well as the needs of our clients we have tailored our expertise to specific sectors. The sectors in which we are active can roughly be divided into five groups, being our areas of expertise. The Evers + Manders consultant is a specialist in the field in which you are active. He/she is aware of the latest developments and very well understands the challenges in the field. .

Water and delta technology

Water and delta technology is our biggest area of expertise. Given our country’s intimate relationship with water, that should come as no surprise. Within this sector, we differentiate between wastewater treatment, water and environmental management, delta technology, maritime technology and international water projects.

Healthcare and medical innovation

The healthcare sector is under enormous pressure. There is a strong demand for more knowledge and new technology in order to tackle medical issues while, at the same time, facing the emerging costs for healthcare. At Evers + Manders we have knowledge, expertise and extensive experience to support your R&D activities by means of funding advice and supporting your grant applications.

Energy and bio-based economy

The energy sector is always looking for new ways to meet the world’s energy demands in a sustainable manner. This can be done by utilising existing energy sources in a different way or by looking for alternative energy sources.

Sustainable and innovative regional development

Municipalities and provinces and their partners, such as housing corporations and agricultural entrepreneurs, face complex challenges. They have to develop different functions in the public space, but at the same time they have to keep them in balance.

This challenge is reinforced by factors such as climate change, making society more sustainable, energy transition and changing demographic composition of the population.

Grants can help to anchor innovation and sustainability even better in spatial development plans.

Innovative technology

Innovative technology comes in all shapes and sizes. The reason behind a subsidy advice process may arise from a new programme, but also from a desire to research or innovate. We are involved in such diverse projects as security with the help of drones, laboratory chip technology and asset management.

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