Trinette Kamphorst

Office Manager

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My big hobby is gardening; sowing seeds for flowers or vegetables in the vegetable garden, pruning hedges, repotting plants, weeding, watering, etc… All these activities alternate in the seasons. What also goes with gardening is observing the plants; is everything fresh and upright or do you have to conclude that plants are in the wrong place; too dry or too wet? The goal is to have a beautiful garden all year round in which something always blooms.

When I drive to the office in the morning, I feel the same way as I do in my role as office manager. I like to make sure that all the facilities in the office are in order so that everyone can do his or her job with pleasure and passion. And if all the figures in the bookkeeping are in the right place and form a rosy picture for the future, I am very satisfied with my office garden!

Trinette Kamphorst - Officemanager bij Evers + Manders Subsidieadviseurs