Nina Bresser MA

Grant Consultant

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I have a keen interest in animals and the natural world. I am happiest when I am out birding on my favourite Dutch island,  Vlieland, armed with my rain suit and binoculars. It does not matter to me whether I am watching a spoon bill or a common house sparrow. Even the smallest LBJ (the so-called Little Brown Job) is beautiful if you look closely.

That also characterises my work—patient and careful, with an eye for detail, and attention for the common as well as the exceptional. It is true for anything in life that the more in-depth knowledge you have of something, the more interesting it becomes. This concurs with the approach taken by E+M, as we constantly aim to focus and hone our expertise.

Nina Bresser - Subsidieadviseur bij Evers + Manders Subsidieadviseurs