Harm Gines Dam

Compliance Consultant

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Cycling is my passion and I practice fanatically. For me, it represents freedom, adventure, speed. My goal is to improve myself by getting into the sport and applying what I have learned. I do this by dedicating myself to the cycling association. I organize clinics and advise and stimulate safety and responsible cycling behaviour among the members, while at the same time achieving a positive image to other road users. Working together on goals and results in the sport. To improve, resulting in optimal enjoyment of the sport.

At Evers + Manders we focus on supporting companies in innovation projects. That is close to me, as are the themes of water, energy, care and research. Interests, knowledge and experience come together. As a compliance consultant, I am happy to support the grant consultants and clients with my expertise in order to achieve successful grant applications and projects.

Harm Gines Dam - Compliance adviseur bij Evers + Manders