Gisela Tjaberinga

Grant- and compliance consultant

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I’ve been playing hockey for years. A passion that I share with my two daughters and my husband. I enjoy the game, and especially the atmosphere that you build as a team. It’s like: atmosphere good, play good and the other way around. That is often the case. I usually play in the middle: the link between the attack and the defense. You can only do that as an experienced player and it requires insight into the game and leadership qualities.

I see the parallel with the work as a grant consultant. Together with the client, we arrive at a joint strategy and a winning game. Knowing what needs to be done, managing and taking action. All this within the applicable rules of the game. I don’t experience competition in my profession, but I do experience the common drive to get the most out of it within the given space. That’s what I do at Evers + Manders.

Gisela Tjaberinga subsidieadviseur bij Evers + Manders