Strategy and grant advice

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The services provided by Evers + Manders grant consultants go beyond just grants. Our services focus on financial benefits in the broadest sense, including fiscal benefits, a loan at favourable conditions, guarantees or participations. The advice we give you includes a clear outline of the available possibilities, along with all relevant conditions, options, pros and cons. After all, it is about applying for a grant that will help you achieve your corporate objectives. The grant is a means, not an end.

Our services

  • Provide insight into the various grant possibilities
  • Providing advice on grant acquisition and grant management
  • Providing advice on the pros and cons and the approach
  • Providing advice on research and development
  • Providing advice on possible cooperative alliances
  • Providing advice on the structure of the project

Many questions

When we start a process, we will have many questions for you. Only once we know enough about your organisation, options and ambitions can we draw up a proper offer for you. This ensures our services offer you added value from the very start. Once everything has been cleared up for you as well and you agree to start the process, we will begin working for you in earnest.


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