Project review and grant application

Once the project for which you want to apply for a grant has been defined, it is tested once again. That means that we will carefully go over all requirements for a grant application for the project. Once everything is in order, we can begin actually drawing up the grant application. This careful preparation allows us to maximise the application’s chances of success. Nothing is worse than an application that is rejected because it did not meet the requirements or one that fails because the strong suits have not been sufficiently explained.

Our services

  • Conducting the project tests
  • Gathering all information for the grant application
  • Drawing up the grant application
  • Editing the grant application
  • Testing the grant application
  • Answering any questions about the grant application

Custom advice

At Evers + Manders grant consultants, we believe in specialisation. Our consultants have specific knowledge of your sector, your field and the grant programmes that are relevant and interesting to you. That is why you will only be dealing with some of our people. You will meet with our specialist to maximise your chances of submitting a successful application.


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