Project definition and partnership

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A grant application is only useful when the project for which the grant is requested matches the objectives of the grant programme. The advice offered by Evers + Manders grant consultants therefore starts with a clearly defined project definition. It has to be clear, in accordance with the requirements for the grant application and it must contain the common factor shared between your own objectives and those of the grant programme. The project definition is absolutely essential. It is the central thread for the entire process of drawing up a proper application. We know that and will therefore provide a clear project definition and a concrete programme.

Our services

  • Providing advice on the project definition and the programme
  • Drawing up the project definition
  • Providing advice and approaching possible partners for a cooperative alliance
  • Providing advice on and drawing up cooperative agreements


Our experience in the field in question enables us to introduce you to other parties in the market that may contribute to the expertise or capacity of a project. By cooperating with others on a project and including this cooperation in the grant application, you can usually increase your chances.


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