Project Definition and Collaboration

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Applying for a grant only makes sense if the project for which the grant is requested meets the objectives of the grant programme. Therefore, the advice provided by Evers + Manders Grant Consultants starts with a well-articulated project definition, which is formulated in cooperation with you.

The project definition is clearly defined and in accordance with the requirements set out in the grant application. It contains the common factor shared by your own objectives and those of the grant programme.

The project definition is essential. It forms the thread running through the entire process in order to arrive at a robust application. Our many years of experience allow us to value its importance, ensuring a meticulous project definition with a concrete action programme.

Our services

  • Offering advice with regard to the project definition 
  • Preparation and elaboration of the project definition
  • Advising on possible cooperation partners
  • Advising on and drafting cooperation agreements


Through our experience in the specific sectors, we can bring you into contact with other parties that can contribute to the required expertise or capacity of your project. Working together with the right parties in the grant application increases the chance that the grant will be awarded to you.


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