Project Assessment and Grant Application

Once the project for which you wish to submit a grant application has been clearly defined, it will be assessed once more. This means that we carefully check all the project requirements set out in the grant programme. This careful preliminary work ensures that we maximise your chance of success. Nothing is more disheartening than an application that is rejected because it does not meet the requirements, or scores insufficiently because its strong points have not been emphasised or defined clearly enough. Only when we have ensured complete compliance with the grant programme, we can start preparing the application.

Our services

  • Assessing the feasibility of the grant application
  • Preparing the grant application
  • Editing a grant application that you have prepared
  • Organising the application process
  • Answering questions about the grant application

Tailored advice

At Evers + Manders grant consultants, we believe in specialisation. Our consultants have specific knowledge of your sector and the specific grant programmes that are relevant and interesting to you. This is why you will only engage with a limited number of our people. You will be brought into contact with those specialised in your sector, thus optimising your chance of a successful application.


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