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Once your project has been approved and the grant has been formally contracted, you are not done yet. You will have to justify the grant in accordance with the rules. That is a skill in and of itself and one we have mastered at Evers + Manders grant consultants. Together, we can make sure that all of the grant provider’s rules and conditions are implemented into your organisation’s administrative system. Our thorough interim checks allow you to make adjustments on time. This allows you to make the most of the grant application.

More than complying with the rules

When we talk about compliance (meeting grant conditions, laws and legislation) at Evers + Manders grant consultants, we are also talking about management, monitoring and (internal) inspection of the grant budget and the grant flows. Only then can you fully utilise the available grant. We supervise the administrative execution of your grant process from beginning to end with the help of a tried-and-true set of measures:

  • Checking all grant requirements; notifying your consortium of all relevant regulations
  • “grant-proofing” the project administrations
  • Conducting interim internal inspections of compliance with the grant conditions
  • Systematically tracking grant realisation in relation to the budget: identifying issues and taking steps when necessary!
  • Drawing up interim budget changes. These are discussed with you and the grant provider beforehand
  • Preparing an audit of the entire consortium and its individual members
  • Drawing up financial reports (interim and at the end of the process)

We will always discuss with you which measures and support you need and to what extent. We are aware that this is different for each project and each client. That is why we always provide custom advice tailored to your needs.


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