Compliance and Support

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The grant award is not the end of the process. You will have to account for the grant that has been awarded to you in accordance with the rules set out in the grant agreement. This is a particular field of expertise of Evers + Manders Grant Consultants. In close cooperation with you, we will ensure that all the rules and conditions of the grant provider are implemented in your administration. Our thorough interim audits give you the opportunity to make timely adjustments. This allows you to get the maximum return from your grant.

More Than Playing by the Rules

Compliance (compliance with grant conditions, legislation, and regulations) also involves the management, monitoring, and (internal) control of the grant budget and grant flows. Only then will you achieve optimum grant utilisation. We supervise the administrative implementation of your grant process from start to finish via a proven, complete service:

  • Reviewing all grant obligations.
  • Bringing all relevant guidelines to your attention.
  • Ensuring the project administration is well-organised to administer the grant.
  • Providing interim internal monitoring of compliance with the grant conditions.
  • The systematic monitoring of grant realisation in relation to the budget, signalling and ensuring timely adjustments when necessary.
  • Drawing up interim project and budget amendments. These will be discussed beforehand, both with you and with the grant provider.
  • Preparing an audit of the overall consortium and the individual consortium partners.
  • Drawing up the progress reports and financial reports (both interim and at the end of the project).

We always discuss with you what measures and support you need and to what extent. We are well-aware that this varies per project and per client. Therefore, we always deliver tailored solutions that are suited to meet your specific needs.


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