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A grant application involves much more than simply knowing the rules and conditions and submitting the application. That is why our service goes a few steps further, as well as a few steps back. Instead of the grant programme itself, your organisation and your objectives serve as our starting point. From there, we consider how these can be tied to the objectives of a given grant programme. Furthermore, we examine any other possibilities open to you, such as cooperation with parties that are complementary to your research or development project.

Our services

  • Strategy and Grant advice 
  • Project definition and cooperation
  • Project testing and grant applications
  • Compliance and support

Non-binding intake

Every process we start begins with an intake interview. Together, we examine the available options and assess the feasibility of your plans. Based on that assessment, you can take a well-considered decision about whether to start the process and we will give you honest advice about the process and its chances of success.


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